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Question   your website
Nice pics mom, this is the first time You take great pictures!

- Chris Barber February 16, 2012

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Question   New additions
I check in regularly and it has been a while since new photos have been posted. We hope to see some soon from this latest trip, which should offer myriad opportunities.

- Zoe Jussel June 13, 2011

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Question   camera and lens?
First, I want to say that I just came back from the Cypress Gallery and was blown away by your work. I adore it! May I ask what kind of camera and lenses do you normally use?

- Patricia Barr July 16, 2010

  Answer Hi Patricia, first of all, I want to thank you for your very kind comments on my show! I use a Canon 5d Mark II, a Canon 50D and a Canon 1DS camera. As far as lenses, I really like the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L series lens, Canon 50mm F/1.4, and Canon 100mm macro lens. I use a couple of other L series lenses, but these three are kind of my standard lenses. I am glad you enjoyed your visit to Cypress Gallery. I regularly post images to this site, so please feel free to come back anytime to have a peek!!

- Lynn Andrews  July 16, 2010

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Question   Italy 6/12/2010
As always, the latest offerings of 6/23/2010 are stunning. The textures are so gorgeous as to almost have taste and smell. A real talent.

- Zoe Jussel June 27, 2010

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Question   Beautiful website, beautiful works
Hello Lynn,

Thank you for inviting me to see your artwork. How wonderfully stunning, thoughtful, and serene they all are! You have a marvelous eye for composition and color.

trimblecarbon (OvationTV)

- Steve F. February 11, 2010

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Question   VIVA and Queston
The Photos you have taken of our Town

- Elise and Edward Chaney and Reynolds August 26, 2009

  Answer Hi Elise,Edward & Reynolds,

I'm not sure what your question is, as it appears to have been cut off. Are you from Lompoc? Are you familiar with VIVA? Please feel free to e-mail me at: I would love to hear from you! Lynn

- Lynn Andrews  August 26, 2009

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Question   Calla lilies
Lynn, you know my weakness for calla lilies! You photo of the callas is beautiful! Preciosas! Outstanding!

- Kris Rueda August 14, 2009

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Question   Quality and finesse
Again and as always, Lynn's work blows me away. There is something for everyone and each piece can stand alone. She has quite the eye and her Italy photos bring me back to the smell of garlic that fills the air.

- Zoe Jussel June 02, 2009

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Question   Website
Lynn, very nice; I enjoyed the pics and will be back to visit somemore.

- Sharon Deemar May 31, 2009

  Answer Thanks Sharon for stopping by and hope to hear from you again soon. Thank you for your kind comment! Lynn

- Lynn Andrews  May 31, 2009

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